In the Era of Comfort There is so Much Discomfort

Veneration of the Precious Chains of the Holy and All-Glorious Apostle Peter

Veneration of the Precious Chains of the Holy and All-Glorious Apostle Peter

My beloved spiritual children in Christ Our Only True God and Our Only True Savior,

by Saint Paisios of Mount Athos (Source: With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man)

Even Hearts Have Turned Into Steel

Because modern conveniences have exceeded all bounds, they have become inconveniences. Machines have multiplied and so have distractions; man has been turned into a machine. All kinds of machines and inventions now rule over man. This is why human hearts too are turning into steel. All of these modern comforts make the cultivation of conscience in people difficult. In the old days, people used to work with animals and were more compassionate. If you overloaded an animal and the poor thing kneeled down from the weight, you felt bad for it. If it was hungry and looked at you sniveling, it broke your heart. I remember, when a cow of ours fell ill, we suffered with it, because we considered it a member of the family. Today people own lots of devices made of steel, but, unfortunately, even their own heart have turned into steel.

Is the equipment broke? It is welded together. Is the car not running? It is taken to the repair shop. If it cannot be fixed, they throw it away; they have no feelings for it. After all, it's just a piece of iron. The heart does not take part in these decisions, and this is how selfishness and pride fertile ground and take root.

Today, we have so little consideration for our fellow human beings. In the old days, if there was any leftover food, people would find someone that needed it and would give it away before it spoiled. A spiritually advanced person would even say, "Let the poor person eat first and I will eat later." Nowadays, people put the food in the refrigerator and don't even think of those in need. I remember, whenever we had a good yield of vegetables or fruit, we would always share it without neighbors. What could we do with all that produce? It would spoil anyway. Now that we have refrigerators people think to themselves, "Why, share it with others? We'll put in the fridge and keep it for ourselves." And I will not even mention the tons of produce we throw away or bury in landfills, while millions of people in other parts of the world are starving to death.

We Are Mad about Technology

Modern devices are endless. They run faster than the mind of man, because the devil has a part in it too. In the old days, when we did not have telephones, faxes, and all kinds of gadgets, we lived tranquil and simple lives.

--Back then, Geronda, (Elder), people would enjoy their lives!

--Yes, they did, unlike today when all these gadgets are driving them crazy! All these conveniences make people suffer and suffocate with anxiety. I remember how cheerful people were when I was at the Sinai Desert! I remember, years ago, when I was at the Monastery of Sinai, what a cheerful people the Bedouin were! They lived a simple life in a tent. They could not live in Alexandria or Cairo; they found comfort in the desert, inside their tents. They drank some tea, if they had any, and praised God. But now with the advent of civilization they too have started to forget God. You see they have caught the European spirit. First the Israelites constructed huts for them and then they sold them all the old cars of Israel. Ah, those enterprising Israelites! Each Bedouin now has a hut, a broken car parked outside and lots of anxiety. The car breaks down and they go through all kinds of trouble to fix it. And what do you think they gain out of all this? Nothing more than a headache!

At least in the old days, things were well-built and lasted a long time. Now you pay all this money to buy something and pretty soon it breaks down. So the factories keep making new things and taking people's money. People are working so hard trying to make ends meet. Machines are the brainchild of the European scientists who spend their time with "screwdrivers". Let's say, at first, they make a lid. Then, they improve it by making it a screw-on lid, after that they may add a push-button opening device to the lid to improve it even more. Each time, they try to improve it more and more...In other words, they invent new and better machines. And before the poor people have paid off the last model, they try to buy the latest and best. They end up tired and in debt. Today, even a poor man will sell whatever he has, oxen, horses, in order to buy a cheap car--pretty soon, the way things are going, we will have to go to the zoo to see a donkey! And so finally he buys a car. But then the car breaks down and there are no parts for it, or so they say, and he is soon forced to buy another one. He cannot afford the most expensive, so, he buys one that it better than what he had before, putting the old one aside. We must be very careful not to fall into this channel ourselves and try to keep up with the newest fashions!



The Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God and Father, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen.


Glory Be To GOD For All Things!


With sincere agape in His Holy Diakonia,
The sinner and unworthy servant of God

+Father George