The mission of St. Andrew's Bishop Philotheos Library (established March 1964) is to make both traditional and new media available to members of the parish, our educational ministries, inquirers after Orthodoxy, and members of the wider community seeking knowledge about Greek Orthodoxy and Hellenic culture. The scope of the collection will primarily focus on materials pertaining to Orthodox spirituality and praxis.

The majority of our resources will be in English, and another portion of our titles in Greek. Books in other languages will be considered if they meet the needs of our congregants. The library will seek to continually strengthen all areas of the collection and to broaden our engagement with the wider community and the world through technological advancement.


Bruno Zovich, Librarian
Janice Lampos, Associate Librarian

Checkout Procedures

Fill in a name and a date on the card in the back of the book and leave it in the box on the desk marked "Checkouts." Books are available for a period of one moth from the date they are checked out. We will have a computerized library program that will keep track of all books checked out.

Library Hours

Monday-Friday 9am-2pm and Sundays following Litugy

Gifts and Donations

Any monetary gifts to go towards the purchase of books and maintaining the library are always greatly
appreciated. Checks can be made payable to "St. Andrew's Bishop Philotheos Library"