The OCF or Orthodox Christian Fellowhip is the Inter-Orthodox Christian Organization for college and university students throughout the U.S.A., sponsored SCOBA, the Standing Committee of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of America. It is also linked to the International Orthodox Organization: Syndesmos. They seek by mutual prayer, study, worship, and Christlike action to support each other in living a truly good and faithful Orthodox life and in witnessing by their lives, word and deeds to the Truth of God and His saving love for the world in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through whom they have received the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

OCF is not a substitute for the Church, nor merely a place to go between times of Church attendance, nor even a group to remind collegians about Church. OCF is a small, focused, but very real manifestation of the Body of Christ on campus-with its own sacramental life and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth in Christ.

The OCF sponsors lectures offered by distinguished scholars an discussions on the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, ethics and moral values given by area Orthodox Priests. Provides the opportunity to interact with fellow Orthodox Christians and to participate and worship in various holy services.

Throughout the year, members of the Orthodox community participate in our local Notre Dame OCF group. Greek Serbian, Antiochian, Russian, etc. clergymen, young adults, as well as staff and faculty from Notre Dame, St. Mary's, and Indiana University South Bend.

OCF Spiritual Advisors are: Fr. George D. Konstantopoulos, St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church, Fr. Sacha, Sts. Peter and Paul Serbian Orthodox Church, Fr. Anthony Bell of St. Mary's Antiochian Church. The Clergy provides Orthodox counseling and guidance to the OCF members.